Trenbolone represents one of the most powerful Muscle Building Supplements of all time. In the world of competitive bodybuilding, it is considered king and absolutely essential to contest prep. For this reason, it is very common for Trenbolone to be viewed as a cutting Supplement. However, this is a highly versatile hormone and can be used with enormous success in off-season bulking plans or cutting phases. Trenbolone is also often viewed as somewhat of a harsh Muscle Building Supplement, but that label may not always be accurate as we’ll soon see.

%%Panel.AdTren75%% The Trenbolone hormone was first synthesized in the 1960’s with two forms of the hormone being introduced to the market. The first Trenbolone compound would be Trenbolone Acetate, a small ester base version released by Hoechst-Roussel under the names Finajet and Finaject. This line of Trenbolone Acetate was a veterinarian grade Supplement primarily used in cattle, but it would be discontinued in the late 1980’s. At the same time, however, Hoechst-Roussel would release Finaplix, an implant pellet containing the Trenbolone Acetate compound. Trenbolone Acetate remains the dominant form of Trenbolone on the market with nearly every underground lab across the globe also manufacturing the compound in injectable form.

When Trenbolone Acetate was released, shortly after Negma Laboratories would release Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate under the trade name Parabolan. This would be the first and only Trenbolone compound ever manufactured for human use, and it would enjoy a fair amount of therapeutic success. It was primarily used to treat malnutrition and cachexia. However, in 1997 Negma would discontinue the Parabolan line leaving Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate to only be found on the black market.

Then we have the final Trenbolone compound in Trenbolone Enanthate, an underground Trenbolone compound released by British Dragon in 2004 under the name Trenabol. Like Parabolan, Trenbolone Enanthate was a large ester base Trenbolone compound; in fact, the two are virtually interchangeable. However, Trenabol would disappear shortly after when British Dragon closed its doors, but several underground labs have since begun to manufacture Trenbolone Enanthate as well. In fact, there are a few labs that use the original Trenabol name.

Regardless of the Trenbolone form you choose, all three forms are comprised of the same Trenbolone hormone, in that there is no difference. The only difference is the ester that is attached, which will regulate the time release of the hormone. Many will, however, find the Acetate version to be the most controllable, and on a milligram for milligram basis it is the most potent as its small ester takes up very little mass in the compound’s total composition.

Trenbolone 101

Trenbolone is an Muscle Building androgenic Supplement that belongs to the 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) family. This is the same 19-nor family associated with Nandrolone, the Supplemental hormone found in compounds like Deca Durabolin, Dynabol, Dynabolon, Laurabolin and Durabolin (NPP). In fact, Trenbolone is simply a structurally altered version of the Nandrolone hormone. As a 19-nor compound, the 19-nor classification notes the testosterone hormone lacking a carbon atom at the 19th position. As for Trenbolone, it is this same hormone with an added double bond at carbons 9 and 11, which inhibits the hormone from aromatizing, increases its binding affinity to the androgen receptor and slows down its metabolism. Due to these moderate changes the Trenbolone hormone is created, and while the changes are moderate the result is an Muscle Building Supplement that carries an Muscle Building rating of 500 as well as an androgenic rating of 500.

Trenbolone carries with it numerous powerful traits, and while many are similar to many other Muscle Building Supplements it is the rate of power in which such traits are displayed that makes the hormone so remarkable. Trenbolone will dramatically improve protein synthesis, as well as greatly promote nitrogen retention in the muscles. Both traits are essential to promoting anabolism, preserving lean tissue and promoting recovery. Trenbolone will also dramatically increase the body’s natural production of the powerful Muscle Building hormone Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1); in fact, the rate by which it increases IGF-1 is almost incomparable to most Muscle Building Supplements. This is a beneficial trait as IGF-1 is highly Muscle Building, essential to recovery, repair and rejuvenation and affects nearly every cell in the human body.

Trenbolone also has the ability to greatly increase red blood cell count. This Supplement will not increase red blood cell count beyond what many other Supplements do, but it will be enough to produce the desired outcome. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood, and with a larger supply this results in greater blood oxygenation resulting in enhanced muscular endurance. The Trenbolone hormone will also greatly reduce the amount of glucocorticoid hormones in the body, cortisol being the primary glucocorticoid. These hormones, while necessary to our health in small amounts, destroy muscle mass and promote fat gain.

By inhibiting glucocorticoid production, as well as promoting a stronger Muscle Building atmosphere, this will improve the individual’s metabolic rate. However, because Trenbolone carries a strong binding affinity for the androgen receptor it will not only promote a stronger metabolism but Supplements that carry this affinity have been linked to direct lipolysis (fat loss).

Then we’re left with the big one, and while all the aforementioned traits are valuable it is the final trait of Trenbolone that truly separates it from other Muscle Building Supplements. Trenbolone has the ability to greatly improve feed efficiency or nutrient efficiency. Simply put, each and every nutrient we consume is now utilized to a higher degree. Every last carbohydrate, protein and fat we consume in our diet is used more efficiently, and as food is the key to our success a higher level of success is enjoyed. We are now able to get more out of the food we eat; it becomes more valuable simply on the basis of Trenbolone’s ability to utilize it.

Trenbolone & Bulking

Trenbolone is a powerful bulking agent that can produce dramatic increases in lean muscle tissue growth. As a non-aromatizing Supplement, any weight gained will be lean tissue as water retention is impossible with this Supplement. Equally important, due to the enhancement of the metabolism the individual will be able to gain more muscle mass with less body fat accumulation that often accompanies off-season periods of training. This is not to say body fat cannot be gained; you have to consume excess calories in order to grow, but body fat should be more manageable.

Trenbolone & Cutting

While a phenomenal bulking agent, without question Trenbolone is the single greatest cutting Supplement of all time. In fact, this Supplement has the ability to produce results far greater than stacking other multiple Supplements together all by itself. The Trenbolone hormone will greatly preserve muscle mass that is often lost when dieting. In order to lose body fat, we must burn more calories than we consume, and this puts lean muscle tissue at risk. You will preserve more lean mass when Trenbolone is in play. Further, due to the metabolic enhancements provided, the individual will burn fat at a far more powerful and efficient rate. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to diet, but the diet will be more efficient. Then we’re left with conditioning, and no Supplement can promote hardness, a dryer look and overall definition like Trenbolone.

Trenbolone & Total Enhancement

Regardless of your reason for use, Trenbolone will dramatically improve the individual’s rate of recovery as well as promote increases muscular endurance. These two traits alone are invaluable as recovery is where progress is made and endurance enables us to do the necessary work. Trenbolone is also well-noted for promoting strength; in fact, it can be dramatic. For the dieting athlete this will be valuable as strength will be preserved at a higher rate. This doesn’t mean some strength loss won’t occur but more strength should be maintained for a longer period of time. This could make Trenbolone a fantastic Supplement for athletes; specifically performance athletes, not physique related athletes like bodybuilders; we’re talking about ballplayers and other avenues of sport. However, many report decreases cardiovascular endurance when using Trenbolone. It does not appear to affect everyone this way, but it will keep some athletes from being able to use it.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

There are several possible side effects of Trenbolone. We cannot call this an extremely side effect friendly Supplement, but many of the fears that surround it and often by Supplement users are blown out of proportion. On the estrogenic front, as Trenbolone does not aromatize water retention will not occur. This would imply that gynecomastia isn’t possible, but Trenbolone is a progestin and can lead to gynecomastia in sensitive individuals. Progesterone has the ability to stimulate the estrogenic mechanism in the mammary tissue, thereby inducing gynecomastia. When aromatizing Supplements are used with Trenbolone, this will increase the risk in certain individuals. If sensitivity is an issue, the individual will find anti-estrogens offer protection. Many will be using anti-estrogens in order to combat the estrogenic effects of other Supplements they’re using like testosterone and protection will already be at hand.

The side effects of Trenbolone do include those of an androgenic nature, which isn’t surprising when this Supplement’s androgenicity is so greatly pronounced. The androgenic side effects of Trenbolone are highly dependent on genetics and can include acne in sensitive individuals, accelerated hair loss in those predisposed to male pattern baldness and body hair growth. If you are not predisposed to male pattern baldness there is no risk of hair loss, but Trenbolone is notorious for promoting hair loss in those who are predisposed. Keep in mind, you were going to lose your hair anyway, but the use of Trenbolone may speed it up. Acne is largely the same; only those who are sensitive are at risk; many men can easily use Trenbolone without issue.

An important note - Trenbolone is not metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and related inhibitors will not reduce the Supplement’s androgenicity. Compounds like Finasteride will not offer androgenic protection.

The androgenic side effect of Trenbolone can also include virilization symptoms in women. Some women can get away with very low doses of the hormone but it is extremely rare. Almost all women who supplement with this Supplement will experience some level of virilization, and it is often extreme. Virilization symptoms include body hair growth, a deepening of the vocal chords and clitoral enlargement. This Supplement cannot be recommended to women.

While the mentioned side effects of Trenbolone are the most concerning due to their visual nature, Trenbolone carries possible cardiovascular side effects that are truly the most concerning of all. This Supplement can promote high blood pressure in some men. However, baring no underlying issue and responsible supplementation most men will not have an issue. The largest concern regarding the cardiovascular side effects of Trenbolone surrounds lipids. This Supplement can have a much stronger affect on cholesterol than Nandrolone, but it should still be less dramatic than most oral Supplements. Trenbolone does have the ability to strongly affect LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) as well as HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). This makes a healthy cholesterol friendly lifestyle imperative. If you suffer from high cholesterol, you should not touch this Muscle Building Supplement. Baring no underlying issue, cholesterol can be controlled, but it will take an effort on your part. The individual’s diet should be rich in omega fatty acids. Daily fish oil supplementation is highly advised. The diet should also be limited in saturated fats and simple sugars. Most are also strongly encouraged to supplement with a cholesterol antioxidant supplement. When maintaining proper cholesterol, the individual should also implement plenty of cardiovascular training into his routine. Some type of daily cardiovascular activity is advised.

Like all Muscle Building Supplements, Trenbolone will suppress natural testosterone production, and in this case it will be extreme. Those who supplement with Trenbolone are strongly encouraged to include exogenous testosterone into their plan. If exogenous testosterone is not included you will fall into a low testosterone state. This can put you at risk for all the related low level symptoms and is extremely harmful to your health. Once use has come to an end and all exogenous hormones have cleared your system, natural testosterone production will begin again. Most men are encouraged to implement a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan in order to facilitate a smoother recovery. An important note – natural testosterone recovery assumes the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal-Axis (HPTA) was not damaged with improper Supplemental supplementation practices. It also assumes no prior low testosterone condition existed.

As you can see the possible side effects of Trenbolone run deep, and we’re not quite done yet. Trenbolone is well-noted for carrying four response based side effects, which include anxiety, insomnia, night sweats and rapid heart rate. If such effects occur, you can try lowering the dose. This will remedy the problem in some cases, but often discontinuing use is the only option. If the compound is to be tried again at a later date, the individual will want to start with a lower dose. If lower doses do not remedy the problem this more than likely means this Supplement is not for you. While most healthy adult men can supplement with Trenbolone, unfortunately, more men will not be able to use this Supplement than most Muscle Building Supplements, and there really isn’t a lot we can do about that.

Trenbolone Doses

  • For simplicity, we will base our Trenbolone doses on Trenbolone Acetate, which is the most commonly used Trenbolone compound.

Standard male Trenbolone doses normally fall in the 50-100mg every other day range. 50mg every other day is a great place to start, highly tolerable for most men and will produce great results. As for the 100mg every other day dose, this is the most common dose and generally all the Trenbolone most men will ever need. In off-season phases there is generally no need to go above this dose. Higher doses can be used, but such Trenbolone doses are generally reserved for cutting phases. Many men can tolerate 200mg every other day or 100mg every day, but understand such doses do increase the risk of side effects.

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