We sell only the highest quality muscle building anabolic dietary supplements.
These anabolic dietary supplements have not been approved for sale or use by the FDA.

  • Pituitary Growth Hormone * (pGH)
    Pituitary Growth Hormone ™ (pGH)*
    Developed to enhance the production of IGF-1, Pituitary Growth Hormone ™ is the most powerful compound we have ever designed…PERIOD. This incredible formula has too many positive benefits to list and is the perfect product for anyone that desires a dramatic physique transformation.
  • Test-600x
    Test-600x ™ *
    Developed to promote Lean Muscle, Power and Mass. Test-600x™ is one of the more powerful and rapid acting compounds we carry, and was formulated to help enhance performance at nearly every level, from novice to advanced. The top choice for any Athlete.
  • Winn 50 *
    Winn 50® *
    If Lean, Impressive Muscle, Stamina and Strength with a hard physique is what you’re after, Winn-50® will always be your top choice. Developed and formulated scientifically to enhance your metabolism, this full strength formula is perfect for those who want to take their athletic abilities to the next level.
  • Tren 75 *
    Tren 75 ® *
    The powerful Tren 75® is the top choices for those who want harder muscles, increased fat burning abilities and a powerful and vascular looking physique. This incredible formula is envied for its ability to provide the individual dramatic results without needless or undesired weight gain. Tren 75’s results are incomparable!
  • Deca 200
    Deca 200® *
    Gain maximum strength in minimal time! Potent Deca 200 rapidly enhances power while building a solid, muscular physique!
  • Var 10 *
    Var 10 ® *
    Var 10® is well known to be the single most versatile and all-around formulation to date and is the preferred choice of many Men and Women. Developed to provide enhanced muscular density, speed and all-around enhanced athletic ability, this versatile product will produce results that last, making it one of the most distinct products on the market today!
  • Clen *
    ThermoClen ® *
    Our Best Selling Product! The Superior Fat Loss Formula that provides Stamina, Endurance and Energy, Maximum Strength Clen® cannot be beat. The most sought after product we carry, this rapid acting fat burning formula is well known by bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes alike as the Pinnacle of Fat Burners!
  • Stacks & Cycle Information
    Products Stacks & Cycle Information
    The top product for Strength, Size, Mass and Power. Rapid acting D-Anabol 25™ was created to provide you with the size and strength you crave in the fastest amount of time possible. This incredible product delivers tremendous results without unwanted water retention or bloating.
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