Supplement Side Effects

There are many possible Supplement side-effects, this is a given. Many of the side-effects of Supplements, most are familiar with, such as water retention and acne. Some side-effects of Supplements are far more serious than others but let’s keep in mind, none of the Supplement side-effects are guaranteed; with all side-effects of any medication we’re talking about “possibility” not absolution. There is however an interesting note that cannot be ignored regarding the side-effects of Supplements and it is this note we want to discuss today; we’re talking of course of “Fake” side-effects of Supplements or is some cases outright lies.

Supplement Side-Effects: Your Junk Goes Bye-Bye:

%%Panel.AdMassStack%% It is one of the more absurd rumors regarding Muscle Building Supplement use. Go to any gym and hang around long enough and you’re bound to hear the topic come up. You’ll hear this guy or that guy talking about his desire to use Muscle Building Supplements but at the risk of his penis shrinking; no thanks. It is true, Muscle Building Supplements will cause your testicles to shrink, this is a given but they will come back to normal size once use is discontinued and the body starts producing its own testosterone again. However, when it comes to Supplement side-effects the idea behind Supplements shrinking your penis is as sound as the idea of Muscle Building Supplements shrinking your hands of feet. Our testicles shrink because it is within the testicles that testosterone is produced. When we take in Muscle Building Supplements this production comes to a halt and our testicles shrink temporarily. This has no effect on the size of ones penis and once you understand how Muscle Building Supplements really work the idea that this is a possible side-effect of Supplements will make you feel a little stupid.

The Side-Effects of Supplements: Death:

Death, it’s a side-effect no one wants any part of regardless of the medication; after-all, if it’ll kill you what good is it? Again, let’s be clear, as with all medications of any type, not just Supplements, abuse can be a problem, if you take too much death might be a possibility. The same can be said for water, if you drink too much you’ll die, this isn’t brain surgery. Turn on the news, read a report in your favorite sports magazine and if the topic of Muscle Building Supplement side-effects comes up, the topic of death will be at the top of the list. This should make you scratch your head, why, because it doesn’t make any sense. There is not one, not one single recorded case of death linked to Muscle Building Supplement use. If Joe Blow reporter says so-in-so died because he used Muscle Building Supplements, this does not make it so; the truth, there isn’t one case of Muscle Building Supplement related death on the planet in healthy adult males. When it comes to the side-effects of Supplements this is one side-effect that shouldn’t be on the list. Most Muscle Building Supplement side-effects are so mild, if they occur at all, visits to the emergency room as they pertain to Supplement use are rare, so rare they rank at the bottom of the list as reasons for a possible visit and most visits are due to an unsanitary injection; that’s not the fault of the Muscle Building Supplement, normally that’s your fault, that’s you being an idiot.

Supplement Side-Effects: Rage

Although Muscle Building Supplements can increase aggression, what is commonly referred to as “Roid Rage” seems to have no scientific or medical backing. There is no question and it’s universally agreed upon, if you are a jackass and you take substances that increase aggression you’ll be a bigger jackass; pretty simple. However, in a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, the premier medical journal on earth, the planet you call home in case you’re confused, increases in aggression even with Supraphysiological doses are so small they are immeasurable. What does this tell us? Quite simple, “Roid Rage” is generally nothing more than a myth and should never be listed among Supplement side-effects.

The Bottom Line:

Supplement Side-Effects are real, they’re real but not guaranteed and it’s important to know which ones are real, which ones are not and which Supplement side-effects are absolutely ridiculous lies. With most legitimate Supplement side-effects there are means of prevention, or in the case of testicular atrophy (your balls shrinking) they are reversible once use is discontinued. One of the biggest flaws regarding Muscle Building Supplements is the discussion of side-effects and it is within this discussion so often Muscle Building Supplements get a bad name. Educate yourself, do not be part of the problem but understand solutions and understand the truth; you’ll be doing all of us a favor.

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