In the world of Muscle Building androgenic Supplements, there are very few Muscle Building Supplements as popular as Stanozolol. The Stanozolol hormone is one of the few Muscle Building Supplements most have heard of; even those who have never supplemented with Supplements or are on the anti-Supplement side of the fence have heard this name a time or two. The Stanozolol hormone first gained worldwide attention at the 1988 Sumer Olympic Games, when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for the Supplement after destroying his competition, and we do mean destroyed. Further, it is one of the few Muscle Building Supplements that in many performance circles is viewed as a pure cutting Supplement, and just about everyone likes the idea of being lean and ripped.

%%Panel.AdWinn50%% From men to women, performance athletes, physique competitors, or simply the everyday gym rat, the Stanozolol hormone has something for everyone. Available in both an injectable solution and oral tab, the demand for this Supplement is high, and the supply is through the roof. Perfect for cutting cycles as well as enhancing strength and athletic performance, the Stanozolol hormone is best known by its most popular trade name Winstrol.

Stanozolol – The Basics:

Originally developed by Sterling-Winthrop Laboratories, Stanozolol is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived Muscle Building Supplement. Carrying only a slight androgenic nature, this is a hormone of strong Muscle Building qualities; the Stanozolol hormone will significantly promote protein synthesis and nitrogen retention as well as dramatically decrease Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG). By lowering SHBG, the amount of free testosterone we have at our disposal is increased, thereby enhancing performance. Stanozolol is not the only Supplement that has this effect, but it does so in a very strong manner.

As a hormone available in both common forms of administration, the oral tablet is most commonly referred to as Winstrol, with the water based solution most commonly being referred to as Winstrol Depot or Stanozolol Depot. In either case, for all intense purposes you have an identical Muscle Building Supplement, both versions are of the same DHT nature, and both belong to the C17-aa family of Muscle Building Supplements. This makes injectable Stanozolol a little unique, as most Supplements that carry the C17-aa nature are oral Supplements and not of the injectable form. As you may be aware, as a C17-aa Muscle Building Supplement, Stanozolol is quite hepatic regardless of the form you choose. It is true; the injectable form is slightly more potent, but the difference is negligible. The only true difference in the two forms of Stanozolol rest in the half-life; oral Stanozolol carries a half-life of approximately 9 hours, with its injectable counterpart carrying a half-life of approximately 24 hours. In either case, frequent administration is needed.

What to Expect:

What to expect with supplemental Stanozolol use will largely depend on the goal(s) at hand. As eluded to early on, this is a Supplement that can serve a few purposes and as such will be used for a few different reasons. Right from the get go, despite having a few primary benefits in-which it can provide we can tell with assurance this is a Supplement that will do very little for gaining mass; it's simply not in its nature. However, due to the manner by-which it lowers SHBG and can create decent synergy with other Muscle Building Supplements it could be slightly beneficial in a bulking cycle if that's all you had to go with; say in a stack with testosterone. Even so, due to its hepatic nature it's best to use it for its intended purposes, and to use more efficient Supplements during your gaining phases.

One area where the Stanozolol hormone really stands out is in conditioning, and this is precisely why so many physique competitors and gym rats supplement with the hormone. A decent tissue preserver and regenerator, where Stanozolol really shines is in its ability to harden a physique thereby providing a more enhanced and defined look. No, it will not take a physique that is covered with a layer of fat and magically make it lean and hard; you must already be somewhat lean to garner this effect. If lean enough, with the right dose and with use for a necessary or rather appropriate period of time you can display a physique you can be proud of.

While conditioning traits are exceptionally strong with the Stanozolol hormone, it is also well-known for being a fairly decent strength increaser, and this is why so many performance athletes supplement. When it comes to performance athletics, strength can be defined by actual physical power and speed, and in most any sport, power and speed is the name of the game. Further, as hard competition can be taxing on the body, the Stanozolol hormone as it does when being used in a diet will help preserve your lean tissue and keep you rolling through your athletic pursuit.

Total Use:

For the individual supplementing with Stanozolol for physique purposes, most men will need a dose of 50mg every other day to 50mg every day. The every other day protocol is a fine place to start, and if you want more you can try the more frequent protocol if you responded to the previous in a positive way. Some men may find a need for doses as high as 100mg per day, but the only reason anyone should ever consider this is for a short period of time right before a physique competition; Stanozolol is far too hepatic to run at that dose for an extended period of time. As for the performance athlete, a mere 25mg every other day could provide a decent boost, with many athletes being well satisfied with 50mg every other day.

Then we have the female athletes and those of the physique minded nature. Stanozolol is one of the very few Muscle Building Supplements females can supplement with without virilization, but there is still a virilizing risk; it's simply lower than with most Supplements. The risk of virilization is higher than with Anavar, but with a low dose many women will be able to supplement. In any case, athletics or physique minded, most women will find 10mg every other day to be all the Stanozolol they ever need. Some may find a need for 15mg every other day, but we can assure you the risk of virilization will increase significantly with doses beyond this range. Regardless of total dose, if you are a female supplementing with Stanozolol and virilization symptoms begin to show, you are encouraged to discontinue use immediately. If you ignore the symptoms and let them set in, there's a decent chance they may become permanent in nature. If this occurs and you'd like to try the hormone again, after a few months have passed try it at a lower dose or choose another Muscle Building Supplement like Anavar. If you've already supplemented with Anavar and you're looking for something else, you might try Primobolan Depot or in some cases extremely low doses of Equipoise. It's impossible to predict which Supplements you'll respond best to, as individual response will vary making trial and error a necessary cause.

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