Stacking Anadrol

For most any Muscle Building Supplement user, stacking Anadrol can be very exciting! The reason stacking Anadrol can be so exciting is because it is such a rapidly acting and powerful Muscle Building Supplement. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the individual to gain twenty to even thirty pounds in a mere few weeks of use. This should tell us right from the bat that stacking Anadrol most commonly occurs in the off-season, during periods that are strictly concerned with muscle growth. However, stacking Anadrol during a cutting cycle, specifically a competitive bodybuilding cycle does have its place. This is on its surface hard for many to understand. It is very common for Muscle Building Supplements to be labeled bulking or cutting Supplements, but more often than not such labels are highly inaccurate. Bulking and cutting are determined by the individual’s diet more so than anything else. There are certain Supplements that can fit a specific phase more so than others, but most Supplements can also carry a secondary purpose apt for another phase of use. When it comes to stacking Anadrol, we want to look at both phases of use and relay any other information you might need.

Stacking Anadrol - Bulking

%%Panel.AdCuttingStack%% Stacking Anadrol at the front end of a new off-season bulking phase is the most common period of use. Generally, such use will be implemented the first four weeks of a new bulking cycle with some extending it to six weeks. Four weeks is as long as most people need, and while some may benefit from six weeks it’s unlikely most will notice a significant weight gain at six weeks that is greater than four weeks. The idea behind stacking Anadrol at this point in a cycle is what is referred to as “Kick Starting.” The individual supplements with Anadrol and enjoys a rapidly high return while the slower acting injectable Muscle Building Supplements are building in their system.

Stacking Anadrol can also be beneficial to the off-season cycle through mid-cycle use or what is often referred to as plateau busting. At some point in time most will hit a wall and the gains will stop coming. When this occurs something must change, and often introducing a powerful hormone like Anadrol is the change that’s needed. Typically the individual will not gain as much weight with mid-cycle use as he would with kick starting, but he will normally break through the sticking point with force and the gains will continue.

An important note - while a 20-30lb gain due to stacking Anadrol in a cycle is possible, this does not mean you have gained 20-30lbs of lean muscle mass, far from it. How much muscle mass you will gain is impossible to predict as too many individual factors come into play, but it will not be 20-30lbs, that we can guarantee. Much of the weight gained during this phase of use will be water weight. Anadrol, despite being a non-aromatizing Supplement, is highly estrogenic. Water retention can potentially be so strong that it can be uncomfortable and even problematic. High levels of water retention are notorious for causing high blood pressure. It will be imperative that you take the time to control water retention. This means the individual will need to use an anti-estrogen when stacking Anadrol, and equally important, he will need to control his diet. Excess calories beyond what is actually needed, especially excess carbohydrates, will make you hold water with or without any Muscle Building Supplement. However, this excess consumption that leads to water retention will only be exasperated when highly estrogenic Supplements like Anadrol are used.

Stacking Anadrol - Cutting

Stacking Anadrol during the cutting phase is not for everyone; in fact, it is something most will never do nor should they. Stacking Anadrol during the cutting phase will almost always take place at the tail end of a contest cycle, such as the last 2-4 weeks leading up to a bodybuilding contest. Stacking Anadrol during this phase will enable the individual to come to the stage with a much fuller look, but you must be in shape to pull this off. If you are not lean, and we’re not referring to beach ready lean but truly contest lean, stacking Anadrol at this stage may ruin your diet.

Before you undertake this type of use, you also need a firm understanding of the Supplement, how your body reacts to it, how to control water retention due to its use and overall proper final week contest protocol methods. It’s also important to remember, in a bodybuilding contest size and fullness, while important are not the most important factors. As many competitors have learned it is conditioning and definition that win shows. If you take two similar individuals and put them on stage, one carries 10lbs more muscle (a very solid and noticeable amount) but the other is far more conditioned, the smaller guy will win every time. Take two genetically identical men and put one at 6% body fat and the other at 4% and the 4% man will win. Take the same two guys and add 10lbs of lean muscle to the 6% guy and if he’s still 6% and the other is still 4% the 4% man will win. If stacking Anadrol is something you’d like to consider for your next cutting cycle, keep the following rules in mind:

  • You must be contest ready lean - 6% body fat or lower
  • Must not be your first time using Anadrol
  • Be willing to discontinue use at the first onset of problems
  • Understand how to control and manipulate water
  • Can only be recommended if other Supplements that are strong hardening agents are also being used, i.e. Anavar, Winstrol, Masteron, Trenbolone, etc.
  • Do not assume extremely high doses are needed – many can get away with half the dose used in an off-season phase of use

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